TMT Bars

What is the usage of TMT Bars?

Thermo mechanical Treatment is a process in which best quality steel bars cools down under water jet technology that is known as “Thermex” in which outer surface of the TMT Bars becomes hard and the inner core remain soft.


TMT Bar is the one and only choice in Construction industry for it’s


Tensile Strength

Yield Power

Thermal Resistance

Corrosion Resistance


Binding Wire

Binding Wire is used for the purpose of tying applications in the field of construction. It is used extensively in the construction sector for tying the rebars at the joints so as to keep the structure intact.

Binding wire is also called annealed wire and is made of mild steel. Annealing endows it with the properties like flexibility and softness, required for its main use.

Binding wire is available in different diameters ranging from 0.61 mm to 1.22 mm.

The application of binding wire requires it to be flexible enough so as to tie easily and strong enough so as to hold the joint in place. There are various methods used for tying the joints.